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My name is Tari Mannello

Welcome to a place of unusually exotic lifestyle pursuits.  A journey and a destination to discover how to live with passion, follow your bliss and learn something new or hire me as an expert for your next project.  Inside, you’ll discover passions, performance art, voiceover magic, videos and more.  You can book a private session with me or hire me for your next shoot or performance piece. You can read about and order some of the more powerful botanical wellness supplements I’ve come across all while enjoying humor, events, video and etiquette on my blog. I am an AcroYoga Expert, a gymnast, a dancer, a performer, a voice over artist and movement specialist.  My hope is that you discover something here that inspires you and pushes wind through your sails.

If you are a lover of words, self exploration and transformational experiences, this place is for you.  If you love luxurious lifestyles and landscapes, lavish minimalism, or cutting-edge thoughts, you’ll be right at home.  If you want to be more connected, more in tune with your own body and push the limits of what you thought was possible, you’ve come to the right place.  If you want to soar and fly higher than you have before, well then, Welcome, to Tari Television.

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