ART2013 Tari is an Acrobatic Yoga Expert, a dancer, gymnast, a performer and voiceover artist. With a robust background in dance, business, singing and more, he is host to an unusual quantity of exotic talents. He has trained intensely under masters in each field he pursues and continues to receive private instruction regularly. He is committed to helping others unlock their potential in the arena of partner acrobatics and AcroYoga with ease and grace. Tari is constantly involved in bringing the art of AcroYoga to different parts of the world through television appearances, stunning performances and workshops. His specializes in teaching  privately and acrobatic choreography.

As an AcroYoga Expert Tari has choreographed and performed in countless live acrobatic oriented performances and dance pieces throughout Los Angeles and  California including fashion launches, benefits and fund raisers. His work can be seen on YouTube or on the Tari Television website. With regard to performance, he specializes in urban dance and AcroYoga.

Tari is also a Flying Therapeutics expert and teaches students how to deepen their connection through touch, trust and Thai massage  by basing or flying their partner therapeutically.  Working upside down is not only more exciting, but allows the receiver indulge in more twists, turns and flows that are otherwise totally unaccessible from any other form of touch or bodywork medium. Through connected touch, Tari is particularly talented at helping people to ‘drop in’ to an supernatural  trance like state after only a few moments of connected touch.

Tari is also a voiceover artist and specializes is promos, trailers, medical or legal copy, and commercials.  He has trained extensively at world renowned Kalmenson & Kalmenson and is currently under Tish Hicks at The VO Dojo.  His authentic, deep, rich voice is the perfect accompaniment to TV, video or radio production.

If you haven’t heard of AcroYoga before, it’s an empowering physical practice that’s exciting, helps to tone and strengthen your body and keeps you fit and agile. It also builds confidence on countless levels and deepens your abilities to balance, trust and connect. AcroYoga blends three art forms: Acrobatics, Yoga and Thai Massage, into one new activity that’s highly addictive and highly accessible to almost anyone.

As of March 2013, there are only 250 Certified AcroYoga Teachers in the World. Tari is one of those select few who has undergone a vast curriculum of intense training and requirements to teach people how to fly, base and spot correctly. He is also the only resident male AcroYoga teacher in LA and one of only five AcroYoga teachers in all of Los Angeles.

Tari regularly shares his voice talent and give the gift of AcroYoga anywhere he goes.  He believes we are on the cutting edge of exercising in a way that is more fun, more vibrant and more connected to our friends and community than we ever have been before. Tari firmly believes that getting in shape and taking great care of your body can be easy and fun. Tari’s intention is to deeply connect and uplift whomever he comes across with his unique vocal talents, performance or through AcroYoga and he is excited to share his gifts with you.

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