1 Year Anniversary

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10521567_10152322430002843_582186848333962156_oMid August 2014. This month marks the one year anniversary of my standing Sports Acro and Acrobatic Gymnastics practice! Prior to August, I had only ever done AcroYoga or L-basing. But I remember the defining moment clearly. Diane Klein – the woman who is single handedly responsible for opening countless doors for me, called me over and told me to do my first standing hand to hand with a girl named Cassie Cutler. Now, I had seen it. I had fantasized about it. I had one go at flying it with Jason Nemer, but basing it? What with my total standing acro practice at zero, I didn’t think I was ready. But here was Diane who does have “the eye” for such things, insisting I would be just fine. Cassie climbed up and jumped in. And, sure enough, thanks to her, it worked! From this moment, a passion that teetered on the verge of obsession was born.

Well, soon came my first “official” visit to JJ’s gym on an acro night and Diane Klein put me in front of David Floyd, the man I “must” meet if I am ever to become anything in the sports Acro department. A signature pillowy hand reached out to greet me and I was lofted onto his shoulders quickly and effectively. “K ready?”

Up we went!! Somewhat effortlessly he put me in the air and despite any true know-how on my end, I was handstanding in another human being’s hands. I watched, I absorbed, smiled and obsessed. And rather suddenly, my Tuesdays and Sundays became permanently unavailable. Today, the things I am able to do with David and other friends take my breath away.

In two short months, Elegant Acro was born and I too began to host events where more acro could be practiced by my friends and all those around me with a good heart. I safely can say that some of the best moments of my life, have been basing, spotting and flying with all of my friends.

Today, I give a lot of thought to the idea that one year ago, this art was like a foreign language to me. I couldn’t speak it. But without knowing it, I was CAPABLE of it. It just had to be unlocked. What else are we capable of, that we can unlock within ourselves, but we don’t even know it yet? Through inspiration, dedication, and quite frankly busting my ass several times per week, the tricks came rather quickly.

But what it took was people outside of myself, SHOWING me how. I’m so appreciative to those who saw things in me that I did not know were possible, those who trusted me, who trained me, who were willing to climb on my shoulder and whom continue to work with me today. To anyone who has based me or had me base you, THANK YOU truly for touching my life.

Perhaps to some, 600 photos on Facebook of my friends and I in a handstand on someone else is… Excessive. But for me, or even us really, it serves to record each new breakthrough. A new trick, or tighter body, or head finally in the right place or a position that we can finally hold and make it look EASY.

I LOVE being there when someone gets a new trick and that feeling of delight washes over their face: eyes wide, pupils dilated, and time for a celebration. success, happiness, growth and expansion are the nectar of life.

Our community has helped me realize that we can’t be or become who we are without the interconnectedness of others. Without their help, love and support to challenge us, and in some cases prod us forward, we stand still. In our world, there are no solo endeavors. A flyer is nothing without an extraordinary base. And, though to a lesser degree, vice versa. And there is no progression without a very talented spotter. It’s about we.. us… and we’re all in it together.

So here’s to another year, decade or lifetime of more friends, more connection, more play and more acro! And who knows, maybe one day, a one arm high hand to hand! After seeing our nations most ELITE acrobats (shown below playing with me)… anything’s possible!

Take a Walk!

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tRecently I was interviewed on the subject of “practical spirituality.”  In the video below, I picked a subject I felt each of us could connect with and apply immediately.

Spirituality is, much like God, money and sex, a loaded word. What does it mean to you? I’m a fan of short and profound explanations, so here is mine:
Being spiritual, or having a spiritual practice is something that happens more often than we think.  I don’t believe it is an isolated moment in a church, yoga class or meditation experience.  For me, “being spiritual” is simply each moment that you find yourself in joy, well-being and alignment.  Spirituality can also be as simple as a moment when you find yourself in flow.  All the better if you have awareness of it and really milk these moments.  In the absence of resistance, wellness prevails.  Well-being, excitement, knowing, playfulness, flow, eagerness, creativity, zest, passion for life, birthing a new desire, sharing smiles, coming into alignment with your desires and seeing manifestations unfold… these are all moments of spirituality and connection.  There are myriad ways you can connect to “Source” or to your own spirituality: through communing with nature, through moving or sitting quietly with yourself, with animals, with children, with your body and even through body awareness.  One of my favorite ways is by practicing deep listening and giving the gift of presence.  Listening to myself, to my body, to others and most importantly to my internal guidance system: my instincts and intuition which have never steered me wrong.

One of the quickest ways for me to get present, listen deeply and connect with my higher self is revealed in the video below.  I hope you enjoy the results and feel them immediately.

Here’s the article: Spirituality through Body Awareness


The Ideal Companion

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1102579_10200991915173100_1678450009_oScreen Shot 2012-12-14 at 7.13.13 PM

Think of Talia as the female version of the Dog Whisperer with the added perk that you can afford her and don’t need to contact a television network or talk to Will Smith to book her. Her specialty, from a very early age is deep communication with animals such as cats, horses and dogs but her passion also encompasses lions and tigers and bears… Oh yes!  She specializes in healthy and holistic behavior modification which your dog or puppy will love and beg you for because to get your little guy to do whatever you want, the behavior modification usually starts… with you!

Yes, Talia works closely with both you the owner and your pet to help you lovingly understand your pets point of view.  Understanding an animals needs and what it’s trying to communicate to you is paramount.  Whether it’s begging to much, sad, angry, 395054_2746705619837_1390855272_nbarking all the time, has too much energy or is just acting strange, Talia can help everyone coexist happily, and isn’t that what we all need?   Animals are very loving and adaptable creatures. They are worthy of a high level of trust love and respect, and after even a handful of sessions with Talia, she will have either deepened your already profound bond, or restored your relationship with your favorite little guy.

I have never come across someone who is more passionate about animals and helping them coexist happily in the world with us than Talia.  She just understands how to tap into animal psychology and then make it accessible to you.  With nearly two decades of experience I cannot give a higher recommendation to anyone seeking to improve their relationship with their pet.

All animals help restore the delicate balance between man and nature on this planet. The more we understand  them the better we can create harmony in ourselves and all of nature.   But anyone, pet owner or other, can benefit from at least one session or phone session with Talia. Her education and background is extensive and I have personally sought her council for my cats on countless occasions.  She is first on my list to call for any pet concern.

Talia is someone I trust.

To book Talia to help you enjoy The Ideal Companion for a session or consultation or intervention, contact her at at 805.377.7873 or via email at talia@theidealcompanion.com

You can also Like her on Facebook

What I Take to Feel Great

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Discover and Purchase Botanical Wellness Products Now! Take the Metabolic Power Test Now!

I am a firm believer that wellness is first and foremost a state of mind and a state of thought form. I don’t like to take pills and generally am a fan of achieving wellness through sunlight, fresh air, fresh water, great food that is organic and close to nature and fresh forward thinking thoughts.   Few supplements in the past have ever shown me significant or marked improvement in my wellbeing the way what I am going to introduce to you has… And so it’s with great pleasure that Introduce a line of botanical plant based products named Univera. So, before offering anything to friends, colleagues and family, I had to personally test them for myself to witness the kind of results I would see on an already extremely healthy person.

But, if I am going to stand behind something it had better test it and see the results. As such, I personally have taken and continue to take and experiment with all of the supplements that I recommend and represent for at least 3 months.

univeranaturalhealthproductsimageI am an independent Univera associate, licensed to sell their full line of products. Once you explore the site, you can contact me for any additional questions, request, nutritious facts sheet, product data sheets and even samples and my personal recommendations. If you have any questions before you try something out, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Each product comes with a 90 day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied you can send it all back for a full refund, even if you’ve consumed the whole package.  Click below to browse products and don’t hesitate to contact me before you buy with any questions.


Discover and Purchase Botanical Wellness Products Now! Take the Metabolic Power Test Now!


A Man Named Olaf

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Olaf Hartmann is one of the more powerful healers, bodyworkers and keepers of universal intelligence that I know.  He has a relationship with nature, the body and the universe, the likes of which I have never seen before.  He helps people get rid of their pain and live a happy and purposeful life.  This man has lived by himself, sustainably in the mountains for extended periods of time, and by that I do not mean days or weeks, I mean months and months at a time without tent or shelter, or only a tarp to protect from rain.  He has travelled the World on foot and bicycle.  He has studied breath work for decades, and has also pursued Qi Gong and martial arts for many years. There’s a quiet intensity and strong aura that surrounds this man when you are in his presence. Though English is not his native language, he speaks it with intention, intensity and with great purpose.

I consider him to be a member of my closest council when I need urgent advice or want to deepen my practice, and I uphold his opinion and beliefs on things with great regard.  He has a great wisdom that seems to transcend what most of us consider to be common sense or traditional knowledge.  Sometimes a sentence or two from Olaf can completely revitalize the way you see your relationships with the opposite sex or same sex, your own life, or what you think is important to you. I have been close friends with Olaf for over eight years now and we have even had the opportunity to live together which has provided a platform for some of the more in depth conversations and exercises of my life.

Olaf his been a vegetarian, a vegan, a raw foodist and I’d damn near say a “BREATHairian” – someone who sustains himself on the planets sunlight and oxygen only!   I’ve seen him with my own eyes maintain a large body mass and health eating only 1 avocado and drinking purified water each day.  Amidst all this Olaf manages to be balanced. He dances, he plays, and he’s got a fantastic wife and new infant who he is already instilling universal wisdom in and vice versa.

Olaf is also responsible for bringing the Iceman to Los Angeles and hosting workshops on how to submerge yourself in freezing cold water safely and effectively. You can read about the iceman here.  I have personally been to countless breathing workshops of his and have always left with a new love and appreciation of my body, the universe and a renewed ability for just how much pleasure and well being my body can experience.

Olaf is someone I trust. 

Olaf is in town for a couple of weeks and staying in Topanga (Los Angeles Area near Malibu and the Valley) and is offering healing sessions, bodywork sessions, breathing sessions, or all-around tips and tricks for how to connect more with nature and just deepen your spiritual connection.  He currently works at a luxurious rehabilitation center in Malibu as and healer.

Olaf will also hold a workshop on “Manifesting your goals Quickly” in Venice on September 8th from 2-5 PM.

To work with Olaf runs $150 an hour, and he is on limited schedule while he is here, but if you reference this Tari TV post when you book can train with him for 1 to 2 hours for only $125 an hour.

You can reach Olaf by phone at (310) 447-8344
Or you can contact him via email at potentizinglife@gmail.com
His website is Potentizing Life

And don’t forget to mention Tari Television when booking your session.

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