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Intimacy, Thai Massage & Flying Bodywork


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Few treatments have quite the same effect on the body as an authentic nourishing and loving Thai massage. Body work that is given with a loving intention, influences and restores your nervous system so quickly that if you’re allow it, you can feel the effects instantly from the very first touch. In Thai and upside down bodywork, we use a body comfortable philosophy for the giver as we use our hands, feet, knees, elbows and forearms to navigate the receivers body… But the real magic comes from the intention to transmit loving kindness, lots of smiles and holding a clean space for your body to shift into healing and deep restoration.

I have studied under world renowned students of masters in the field from all over the world and have been on both sides of the practice giving and receiving. I know what feels good and I know how to touch and teach this in a way that will make you instantly feel at home and unwind.  I also know how good it feels to be touched in a way that your body will love.

I do not offer private massage treatments but I DO teach couples, lovers, family or friends how to give this gift of intimacy to each other.

During your session we’ll create a custom treatment to lengthen, stretch, loosen and traction you and your partner.  I will demonstrate on your partner so they know what it feels like and on you too so you can get the technique in your body, then you will give and we’ll compare the effect it had on your partner.  We can even both give simultaneously for a delicious receiving experience and also so your partner can feel the different textures of touch.  I recommend sharing the time equally with your partner both giving and receiving so you both can have a powerful experience.

If your body types are compatible I’ll also show you how to take each other into the air for a first class flight you won’t forget. You’ll walk away intoxicated with deep relaxation and bliss.

I specialize in intimacy so if you’re coming with a romantic partner or romantic intention, your session can have a more sensual and flirtatious feel to it.  These sessions are very special will be like something you have never experienced before.

When you and your partner come, please wear very comfortable loose fitting clothes, little or no makeup and I will handle the rest. A session is complete when your body feels total release and each session may run over or under based how effectively we work together. All sessions take place in a private residence in Studio City, Los Angeles.


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